After having an interview with Yareli (kind soul she is) it didn’t feel right to not have an interview with the creator who made the show possible! FCii also known as Sophia!

fciis copyWho are you?

F: Well, my name is Sophia and I am a calm, down to earth gal. People say I am too nice. I love art; on my spare time I draw, work with clay, do nail art and spend time with my son of course. My favorite music really it depends on what mood I’m in, my all time favorite artist is Michael Jackson! Ha-ha! He’s been my favorite artist has been ever since I was two. Also my favorite color is lime green white and black and I love comedies, anything that makes me laugh. I tend to laugh a lot.

Join the club! I didn’t know you had a son, how old is he?

F: Yes, he is two now!

When did you join IMVU?

F: I think it was late summer 2009 I had just quit school, and was super bored, I tried to figure out what I wanted to do, I tried florist, kindergarten teacher and optician but it didn’t work out, so I saw the IMVU ad on a site and thought why not?

What led you to start creating on IMVU?

F: It was modelling; I found it harder to find outfits and accessories that I was looking for when I was modeling in agencies so I thought I might start to create my own it was just for fun in the beginning though, but people started to really like what I did.

Would you say you prefer making your clothing to buying other creators clothing?

F: No, I wouldn’t say that, to be honest all the stuff I make is for me, for my taste. I barely think what the others would like me to do (which is not a good idea) but most people have my kind of style so that works out fine although you barely see me in my own stuff, because when I work on my stuff I work very hard on details and it takes some time for me to finish something, and by the time I’m done with it, I already got bored of it!

You make a lot of high end and borderline fashionably weird things that people usually do not see on a daily basis, where does that inspiration come from?

F: Oh everywhere! I see something in everything, ha-ha. I love weird BIG crazy stuff! If you had lets say a weird shaped art in here, I would definitely start to think of a way to turn that into a bundle.

That’s amazing the way your brain works! In your catalog what would you is the most difficult piece you’ve ever created?

F: Oh I wouldn’t say that LOL you just have to have good imagination haha! That must be my Feuille Jacket. That jacket took me ages to make in 3D max, and I had to restart over and over again, but I guess it’s also because that was one of the first items that I made on 3D max. I still haven’t perfected it yet, and it bugs me, but oh well.

I understand that you choose models to showcase your products for you, what are the criteria’s the models you choose have to meet?

F: I love when models think outside the box, when they dare to be unique and bold. Other then that I don’t have any criteria’s other then that they just be themselves.

Have you done any collaboration with other creators in the past? If so who?

F: Yes, I had done a collaboration with Styx once, we made an AP Mafia bundle each, and then I worked with DancingElk in a Halloween competition. But I have actually got many requests about doing collaborations, and I will definitely take on some.

Who have you had requests from and which ones are you considering?

F: I spoke to MrFuxx about doing something sometime soon, and I would love to do another one with Styx, and I also talked to Mevi, Adeo and Judas. I’m looking forward to it, and I hope they all will be done.

These are quite the interesting set of people! What was your inspiration for the VO Comeback collection?

F: Yes, they have all different taste in fashion, and I’m really looking forward to it, I like me a challenge. Yareli told me to make 6 accessories for the show, and she sent the these really crazy mashes that she had found, and I immediately understood that she wanted something really odd to showcase and I knew Yareli is all about odd things so my inspiration was from all over I must say, I saw this picture of a church with really beautiful stained glass in it, and I took that as a inspiration of the stained glass crowns and masks.

You and Yareli are practically glued at the hip haha, how did your friendship begin?

F: Yes! I love that chick. We met through modeling; I met her by mutual modeling friends. I always loved her style, she is really one of a kind, and I like that in a person and she is really nice as well, almost nicer then me.

What would you say is the worst part about being a creator on IMVU?

F: Making icons for real, I hate them! Haha! It’s the same process every time, and I guess that’s what makes it boring. Also, I’m sort of forced to though. I hate when my shop is full of (Pending) icons.

Lastly, what are your thoughts on those who copy other people’s designs on IMVU?

F: I think it’s really sad, I think if your going to be a creator then be yourself and not someone else. It’s not fair to steal someone else’s hard work! It’s lazy and it’s a real shame. I know I would be really upset if that happened to me. But I have to admit that I take lots of inspiration from SL and wish that we had that kind of fashion on here, but I always try to make it MY own.

If there is anything I learnt about this lady, it’s that she laughs A LOT and has a kind heart to boot!










That’s all folks!

Isn’t she awesome?


Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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