A Cup of Jeau ft. BellaDiez


Good evening lads and gents, mainly lads. This interview was definitely one of the best I’ve done with a model, probably the only one so I am a little biased. Haha (don’t judge me.) This interview touched on some serious points in the modeling industry on IMVU, and now we get to see it from one model’s perspective. Introducing novice model, Bella Paz.

Who is Bella Paz?

B: “Well, I am in love with fashion. People such as Donatella Versace and Kim Kardashian inspire me. I am a business major at COB in the Bahamas; I enjoy shopping and adore traveling. My life goal is to be able to say, ‘I had no regrets with my life, and I wouldn’t change one thing about it.’ I am also a hopeless romantic who is driven by anything that deals with love, and I am a open and kindhearted person.”

And, around what year did you join IMVU and what were the first things you got into?

B: “I first joined IMVU on my first account “XBellaXSimoneX” around the year of 2008. When I first joined, I fell in love with mix matching clothes and different styles. I also got into making new friends and developing online/long distance relationships. I really did get into everything IMVU offered at the time.”

I see, so when did you really start your modelling career?

B: “I started as soon as I got on, I worked with CindySatin where I edited photos, did a little rating and critiquing clothes that she designed for her shop. I really didn’t model at the company, I was more of a behind the scenes girl. Being a “newbie” to the scene and all, I did get to see and understudy different models at the company and I fell in love. I said to myself, I want to be that girl poses and modelling those nice clothes up there. So, I parted ways with the CindySatin’s company a year later and started my journey as a independent model.”

Anyway, since you’ve started your modelling career, has it been difficult or easy breezy?

B: “It’s, been very difficult trying to establish myself on here because most people take it as just a virtual game. So reaching out and trying to find serious companies on here has been a struggle, but I haven’t allowed that to stop me. I have an amateur portfolio that I created and come up with ideas and new concepts that no one thinks of. Even though the process of finding a company to brand my self as an official model has been hard, I am surely enjoying as what I like to call ‘Free Modeling’”.

Do you think IMVU models should be paid for their services? If so why?

B: “Yes, of course we should be paid. I modeled for a creator for his clothing line and I was not paid, but I took that experience and I ran with it, everyone thinks it so easy to model on here. “Just get poses and your a model” NO! It is not that easy, you have to have the look in order to even be considered. On top of that poses, clothes of every size, color and material, hairs, skins, avatars, accessories and be able to go different angles. Some times you have to come with your own material (outfits and styles). So why shouldn’t we be paid when we invest so much?  It’s not only time consuming but also its difficult; yes we may enjoy it but at the end of the day were making your company look good. Yet we get nothing in return?”

What do you think are some controversies in the modelling industry on IMVU?

B: “Well, I think that the general idea of what modeling is. Some think its just taking pictures for fun while others do it for magazines and websites. I would the main controversy in modeling on IMVU is the “Playboy” type modeling. There are some small creators that make nude magazines for modeling on here, something I wouldn’t do unless it’s a high-end magazine. I’m not going to show my private parts for other guys to drool over. So I would say definitely nude modelling.”

What are your thoughts on how you believe a model should present her or himself on IMVU?

B: “A model should be firm in whatever the model believes in, the model should be creative and set a brand for them apart from the company. Personally, I don’t like the idea of a model being stuck with one company. I think they should be versatile, meaning they should be able to model with the famous creator IZIS for her 2015 Spring Gucci Bag collection and also taking up the task of modeling for another famous creator lllAdriannalll modeling her casual yet stylish looks. A model should be able to bounce from high end to urban, from casual to elegant. The model just should be so – stuck in terms of the type of model they are. Why be a type of model when you can be every model? Come on and change it up. Basically saying they should represent them selves as openly creative and adjustable.”

So you believe in model versatility?

B: “Totally, models should not only be dressed all ‘High fashion’. It’s 2015 when are we going to show some sort of variety.”

So who would you say are your favourite IMVU creators?

B: “Definitely; IZIS, lllAdriannalll, MrsKitty and Amishar. I buy clothes and bags from them all the time. They are very talented ladies. They are all different yet they are able to capture a wide audience with their clothing. This bag was actually made by Ms. IZIS herself and the hair Mrs. Kitty.”

So like I said before models should have versatility to keep their jobs or to push their jobs further, but sometimes it’s hard to channel that versatility in some themes, what are some themes or fashion trends that you find difficult?

B: “I definitely find urban modeling difficult along with casual modeling. Even though I work around it, I’m challenged with working a simple Tee shirt and shorts, and also finding the right backgrounds and accessories. That’s not my strongest point, I’m more of a high end girl but I force myself to experience new things, looks, themes, outfits just so I can give myself a push in the industry. I would have to channel something like that. Sometimes, modeling is just like acting; you have to get in the zone and bring that character alive, however its hard for us because a photo is still and has to tell a story oppose to a actor who gets to speak, move and react.”

Have you had any runway shows yet?

B: “I did once and I’ll be honest it was so awful. I glitches and messed up the whole show and they put me on the spot to find outfits because I was the back up model and someone didn’t show. And two people didn’t so I had to play the part of two people so I changed my skin, hair, clothes of course and other minor things. Would I do it again? Hell yeah, I have to get over that fear of the runway.”

Lastly, what advice do you want to give to other new models on IMVU?

B: To all the new models out there, NEVER EVER let anyone diminish your dreams. Don’t let anyone say, “You model on IMVU? How sad.” Don’t let things like that affect you, continue to practice and discover so styles and remember to be diverse. Don’t be as what I like to call a “Stuck Model”, be free and independent. Don’t be locked down, allow your photos to express a story and feelings not just some high-end cover for a magazine. Be creative and just because your ideas are different, doesn’t mean they don’t matter. Be you, Stay True and Pull Through. xoxo -Bella S. Paz”

That’s that! From Bella, a start out model who definitely has her eyes set on winning!

Want to contact her? Simply inbox “BellaDiez” on IMVU.







14 thoughts on “A Cup of Jeau ft. BellaDiez

  1. What an amazing article to read, Bella seems to know what she’s about and it would be anyone’s loss to not give her a chance in the imvu modelling industry. ❤
    I also love the way the interview was set out easy on the eyes to read. 🙂 ❤

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