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New year? New beginning. On December 31st, I stayed until 1:30 AM just like everyone else, but I bet they stayed up longer than I did. My family and I had a little house party, this was the first time we celebrated a new year without anyone else but family present. It was a little lonely, I have to admit, but at the same time there was something cozy and warm about just being with family. Afterwards we ate out first meal in 2015, an african delicacy of course. My sister began putting her new year resolution into action which is being healthy. “Good luck with that.” was my response to her. Usually at the end of January, she gives up without knowing it. My mother’s resolution is basically to enjoy the year. I fully support that one. As for my brother, he didn’t make one. I guess he’s going to take the year as it comes? I don’t know.

I am positive everyone has at least one new year resolution, so do I. This year, I have a couple of resolutions. What are they? Gosh where to begin.

This year my first resolution; I want to be able to read  the bible and learn more about christianity, I know who God is but I am not yet at that level of closeness, the way my mom is. My second resolution is to read all the chapters I am assigned to read in college. I know it sounds a little silly or dull, but I need to do it, so I hope I can do this. My third resolution is to be more outgoing! Less coup’d up in the house while studying. My roommate has made it her mission to hide all my text books and make me go out… hopefully it works without her taking away my books. My fourth resolution I guess remaining healthy, you never know what can happen. My fifth resolution is to always speak positivity into my life at all times. Even when things are going south, stay positive! My sixth resolution is to keep up with the blog this year, I know I will have school and little events on the side, so hopefully I can keep up this year.  Lastly, my seventh resolution is to not lose sight of the important things and people in my life.  I guess I chose seven resolutions because it’s my lucky number? Hopefully I can give monthly updates on these resolutions.

That’s all folks!

What’re some of your new year resolutions? Let me know by inbox  on IMVU.

Happy New Beginning!




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