A Cup of Jeau Ft. MrslDB


Meet 23-year-old Cammy, also known as MrslDB, and lives in Florida. Her hobbies working, sleeping, more sleep lol, and working on my Photoshop skills. Her bizarre habit is that she sings everything often, even though she says she can’t really sing. To her, that’s what makes it fun!

What is your favorite music since you sing everything?

“Well, I like everything! But I am currently in love with my girl Nicki Minaj. Her whole album has been out for only a week and I know every song, haha! But my favourite artist of all time is Rihanna. I’m an RnB woman”

When did you join IMVU?

“Back in ’09 but I took a break for a few years then came back in 2012.”

Before you started developing, were you doing anything else or anything prior to that?

“Yes, I was working for this mag on here called Fierce Creations. That’s how I got into photo shop. I used to do advertisements for the magazine for the creators we would interview. It was fun while it lasted.”

What led you to start developing clothing?

“My wife actually (LDB) I was making rooms and filters for Photoshop and was level 3 from it and my wife encouraged me to go further I had no idea it was as easy as it is.”

What level are you at now?

“I’m tier 5 now, which is pro.”

You create tops, pants etc., what is the most difficult to create?

“Bottoms for sure! If you want them to be done correctly then bottoms are more difficult for sure. Tops are not that hard unless you’re doing opacity. For me personally bottoms take me a whole day, which is about 12 hours haha, because I still have to do all the different sizes. Then dresses take up to 6 hours.”

You like to give quality work?

“I don’t rush my work. I don’t just put anything in my catalog. Everything in there I’ve slaved on so I can’t be putting out a mess because no one buys messy work.”

When you started creating, what do you think of your work then compared to what it is now?

“I think my work has always been good; however, I think now I see how much time and effort really goes into it. I see that a developer can’t just take breaks and still be on top because just because the person have “pro” that doesn’t mean you need to stop creating. I used to think, “Oh, I’m going to make pro and be super rich, so I won’t have to create any more.” No. It’s the total opposite.”

Do you think there is a lot of pressure to stay at the top of your game? Why or why not?

“Yes! Heck yes because its always someone trying to be better than you but I try not to loose myself in the titles and labels people put on pro creators and just continue to be me and its working so make what you like was what I was told and it was what I did.”

Has there been any drama concerning people copying other peoples work and what not?

“Yes I mean of course there is drama but that’s because people playing this game don’t know how to mind their business haha. As for me, personally, I don’t worry about much on this game besides my wife and family. I’m here to create not to make friends. Its so much money to be made on this game that once some get a taste of it they get big headed and some become hungry. They want more.”

So what is your opinion on those who copy others work?

“I think people who copy other people’s ideas are lazy! It takes 2 seconds to think of an idea but you know everyone on IMVU are clones and want to look alike haha. I just continue to do me.”

Who are your favorite developers on IMVU?

“My favorite developers include my love and my wife (lDB), Lovers, Tayo, my beautiful baby girl Xiu, and myself because I wear my own stuff often.”

Have you thought about or hosted any runway shows?

“Yes! Of course! 2015 is my year. I know I am low key right now but everyone will know my name in 2015!”

Speaking of new years, since it is around the corner what are your new year resolutions in your life?

“Hmm, being more patient and work more in reality and online becoming more independent for sure.”

What are some advice(s) you have for new developers on IMVU?

“Be your self, don’t change or loose yourself in it. Stay humble, but hungry.”

Last question for a little fun, would you rather live in a world of cruelty or rule a world of cruelty? Why?

“We already live in a world of cruelty. I can’t treat people cruelly on purpose because I believe in Karma. The world already cruel so and we living just fine for now in American knock on wood.”

Thank you so much for this interview

“You’re welcome. Thank you for having me.”

Check out MrslDB on IMVU. Check out her catalog! her work is always detailed and I am a fan! 



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