A Cup of Jeau ft. MWC


Tell me about yourself, not including being a developer. Just yourself as a person

“My name is Derick, I am 18 years old and I live in California. I am currently in college, part-time creating on here for fun, love art/music, and tend to look for the meaning behind everything.”

I want to ask what does MWC stand for?

“Morals, Wisdom, Courage.”

What are your bizarre habits or hobbies? Things you don’t think most people do, or things you think people will find weird.

“I honestly don’t go to extremes, I have a more “Laid-back” and “Do work” lifestyle. Well there’s one thing. I get extremely get caught up in games. In terms of my Xbox I play games like; Nba2k15, GTA, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Minecraft.”

So when did you join IMVU and what was it like at first for you?

“I joined IMVU in 2008, and I hardly knew anyone, so it was somewhat boring. So I left until last year.”

What brought you back last year? And why did you stay?

“I wanted to create again, so I came back when my name was Morals, and I stayed for 3 months to create, made poses, and left. I joined IMVU again in July originally because a close friend of mine wanted me to come back, so I came for her, but I ended up creating again, and now I’m here, Haha.”

So moving into the creative part of your life on IMVU. Why poses? What made you want to create poses?

“Without mentioning any names, I noticed there was a lack of “normal” looking avatars for men, meaning that the eyes were 99% shut, and the mouth was open, so I wanted to make a difference and allow people to have a normal facial expression, rather than that awkward face they were forced to have.”

I never liked that shut-eye open mouth look. So do you think making poses is more difficult than creating clothing?

“When it comes to difficulty, everything has certain aspects that have to be focused on. So, I don’t believe it is more difficult; you just have to have common sense when making both.”

You make poses for men and poses for the women, what are the similarities and dissimilarities in making the poses?

“They both take the same amount of time to do and you have to use a certain kind of positioning when making each of them in terms of how the back looks, how much it’s relaxed, how elegant you want it, etc. But I find that making female avatars are much more complicated due to the massive amounts of variations of scalers people use.”

Do you think you’d ever switch from making poses to clothing?

“I’ve done clothing before, and I would never switch back. Only because of the lack of sales you receive compared to poses, unless you are extremely well known for your clothing such as Dashing, Lovers, Karmah, and more.”

So other than your poses, who else do you admire in your field?

“I really admire Pagie, because she spends a lot of time on her poses, and she’s just begun. She’s not too well known yet, but her poses are getting extremely good. In a two-week span, she’s made poses that are extraordinary detailed.”

For those who are new to the whole developing process, what’s your advice on how to stay on track and move forward?

“Do not focus on your tier level, or tier points. Although it is nice to have badges, if your income is low, it means you’re doing something completely wrong. Well…That’s in terms of wanting to be known in the catalog; but if you do it simply because you want to wear your own clothing, then just have fun with it, and your talent will be recognized.”

Last fun question, would you rather live in a world of problems or live in a world where you rule?

“I would rather live in a world full of problems because that’s the world where we live in now.”

I knew that would be your answer haha. Thanks so much for this interview Derick! I really appreciate it


Check out some of MWC’s poses. I find these poses to be really well done in my opinion! So try it before you buy it!












Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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