A Cup of Jeau ft. Yannomi

SMSzr6CGood morning Belles and Beaus. As you all know, a lot of creators or developers on IMVU tend to catch my eye and when I get lucky I get an interview! I was very lucky with Yannomi! I have to say she is a busy birdie, but she found some time to sit with me and answer some of my questions and for that, I am truthfully thankful.

Tell about yourself as a person and not as a creator on IMVU.

Well, my name is Dominika, I’m 24 and I live in Poland, in Central Europe. I’m an Art Student – actually I’m on my last year of bachelor degree. When I finish it I will be continuing this studies and I am specializing in photography or graphic. I have not decided yet. Anyways, I love everything connected to art – since I was a kid, I was drawing, painting etc.

What are your hobbies or interests apart from IMVU?

Art for sure. I also love tattoos and piercings – getting tattooed or pierced. For now I have only four tattoos and 7 piercings, but not stopping with them on that level. In future would love to work as a tattoo artist.

When and how did you start creating?

I started playing IMVU about five years ago, something like that and about year after I decided to try myself in creating stuff for it.

What inspired you to start creating?

Probably that I like to draw and sometimes I was tired looking through catalogue to find something I really wanted to have, so decided to make the item by my own.

Who or what motivates you to keep on creating?

People who like and buy my products, people who support me, no matter what, those are my reason to keep creating for IMVU for such a long time and trying to be better and better.

What are your dislikes about creating?

I really dislike the unhealthy competition, like flagging products for no reason, or even DMCAing them. Yea, that’s main thing I sometimes think that I would stop creating. And unfortunately it does happen here at IMVU.

What would you say your style is for your catalog?

I feel the best in making latex, PVC clothing or skins/mesh heads. Since I started my journey with creating – I’ve always wanted to learn making skins. But I got to say it was hard, IMVU templates are really small – it’s hard to achieve nice detail. That’s why I was so happy when I found mesh heads – finally could have nicely detailed texture – and I’m really crazy about details.

Who are your top 6 favorite developers on IMVU?

Oh, it’s really hard to pick only 6, but let me think. It would be for sure Lollirot and Zephyr – my two favourites when it comes to clothing or skins/mesh heads. As for meshersDerivableR, Bibirasta – they can do miracles when it comes to 3d stuff! I also love much more Creators like: Sinderella, CherryRed, Irrelevant, thovarex, Chevelle, Lumina, Xiu, Scarling, Dashing etc.

Why did you start creating mesh heads?

My favourite mesh head is Allie one – it has perfect shape in my taste. And it’s really nice to texture. Amazing thing about Allie MH is that it has layer-able makeup as well, so you can achieve almost every look, you can customize it as you want.

What advice do you have for young and upcoming creators of IMVU?

For sure – don’t give up. Remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and keep practice, try to be better – not stop at some level. It’s the thing about art; you always try to be better. Look for some tutorials, search for advices at Other Developers who have some sort of experience, but remember that they might be busy – so do not be angry or whatever if they won’t reply you immediately. Your message can just hide in their inbox, due to Creator messages or just other messages from people. And do not use ready images from Google or different resources. It’s got to have some resources, but follow them not put directly into your project. Also, try to find something you will like, feel good when creating. There’s no point in creating something only because it’s trendy now.

That’s all lovelies! Please do not forget to check out Yannomi’s catalog in shop @IMVU or by clicking her username! 






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