A Cup of Jeau Ft. Stussy



Meet the slightly under the radar, awesome creator, Stussy. Who is also known as Jojo (real name). I had an interview with Jojo last night and it was lovely! It usually is! So without wasting time… let’s get to it!

J: So let’s start simple, please tell me about yourself as a person and not as a creator on IMVU.

S: Okay, so my name is Joaquin, currently leaving high school to start College. I’m a very fashion forward person and I’ve had a love for fashion for a long time. I’m also currently forwarding my studies in Business Management

J: So have you been a fashion forward person all your life or did you found some recent attraction towards fashion?

S: Yes I have been a fashion forward person since I was 11 years old. I always loved colors, like bright colors and neon colored clothing and when I saw colors I’d always put them together like matching them with other colors or the same colors. And that’s where the fashion sense came from basically. As I grew older I’ve adapted my love for colors into my clothing a bit better than when I was 11 years old but mostly the female department since there’s a wider variety of clothing there.

J: What were the first things you went into once you joined IMVU prior to you creating?

S: when I started IMVU, my major interest was male clothing, so I did start male stuff and like I always looked up at Vinnie@IMVU catalog because I always thought his clothing was genius. Then I grasped to the female fashion because the male fashion got boring at a point in time, but my first female product was like a leggings and all I have to say is that it needed MORE work!

J: How did it feel to make such a transition from creating male clothing to creating female clothing?

S: it was a HUGE TASK and it was one of my goals, even though it wasn’t easy because back then everyone was so cocky as a creator, so I kind of developed on my own that’s why not I’m so confident in my clothing and now whenever I drop something I have so much pride in my clothing because transitioning was my #1 goal at that moment, and I know if I conquered it I’d reach my peak.

J: How do you think the collaboration between creators has differed from the past and now?

S: hmm… I’ll bring this into my personal thoughts because i don’t really look into others stuff but I’ll say now on IMVU creators’ only care for the money that it brings, and that they don’t really have passion they just create because they can. I remember this one time before one of the best collab I’ve ever come across was one that Pierce@imvu did or I think it was a collection

J: Who or what inspires or/and motivates you to keep on creating?

S: My sistas inspire me to always SLAY THEM, shout out to Areola, Kalifornia, Tisci, Chyere and Beige and basically I always try to out do myself that’s where my biggest inspiration came from and a few others on IMVU

J: What are some personal accomplishments?

S: College, Career in NYC and starting a business

J: Can you explain the business you’re starting if you don’t mind?

S: A clothing store but I’ll be designing my own clothes because I am going to college for Fashion & Business Management

J: You are welcome. So, what would you say are your greatest disappointments or let downs in your life?

S: hmm… not really being able to choose one at the moment but I’d say the disagreements between my parents that’s my biggest right now. Plus MY CRUSH BEING STRAIGHT!

J: Aw, heartbreak sucks. So, who in your life makes you laugh no matter what?

S: My real best friend LastKing@IMVU and Chay@IMVU I love them so much and my Sistas of course they give me so much life, so thankful for them all.

J: Are you going to host any fashion shows in the future?

S: YES, it’s a very special surprise. It is between someone and myself. This someone is really talented. Also it should be held either this year or the next year. Some more things are being discussed. Hint (It’s a male creator)

J: How far in your preparation have you gone?

S: We’ve only just agreed on the Actual show and what type of clothing we’re doing

J: Okay so no models have been hired yet?

S: I have my personal models.

J: What advice can you give to upcoming creators?

S: Too always stay original, have your own unique style and keep your ideas to yourself!

J: Would you say you have reached your peak as a creator? if not what are your next steps?

S: I wouldn’t say I’ve completely encountered my peak but I’m on the verge of reaching it as soon as i get pro again and continue paving the way by faith

J: What music is your life anthem?

 S: My favourite music artist right now is Nicki Minaj and my current favourite song before the album drop is bed of lies that song represent me in so many different ways even in my relationships.

WAIT! It’s not over yet! Shop Stussy!




That’s all folks!



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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