Holo Street



Good Afternoon Belles & Beaus! 

I am feeling a little happier today and I wanted to share that through this fashion statement! My focus piece was the jacket for the most part and the shoes! I love hologram jackets, I think they are very trendy in IMVU and I think it’s going to be around more in the year 2015, if it isn’t already! I paired it up with a simple tank and roughed up denim shorts, just to keep things simple and still have a focal point!


I will be posting some more beauty articles and B.T.B.R segments just haven’t found enough free time to do both, but fingers crossed! I’ve applied for some stuff on IMVU from modelling, which I like to think of as styling because I did post an article about how I felt about IMVU modelling. Anyway I am also in the show The Walk and I am super happy about it, I was involved with it in the past so this is definitely something fun for me to tangle with on my spare time. Tough competition I tell you! On a brighter note, college first semester is almost over and I’m literally counting down the days until my ONE MONTH OFF! I cannot wait! Last but not least, I and my long time friend PrinceTy are working on something super secret… I think… haha, but I am excited we both are and it’s just really nice to get involved with something. Anything.  Also, be expecting a christmas post that will be mixed with new years really soon and I believe that is it for now…




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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