Fashion Police

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Good morning!

It has been about 16 days since my last blog post. Why? because education comes first! I have exams and tests and papers due so I’ve been a little more than exhausted. My first semester as a college student is graciously coming to an end and then I get a month off school which sounds like heaven to me. Moving on!

Fashion Police event occurred yesterday at around 8:00 PM Eastern time and I believe 7:00 PM Central. It was my first ever event  that I was part of a show cast that discusses fashion and our guest was none other than Izabel! She has been flying under the radar for a bit but we shone a little bit of spotlight on her, she embraced the spotlight like a pro. After this, we had a little bit of a critiquing session on the Grammy  event I believe. I wish I still had the pictures then you can all be judges and comment on what you loved or disliked.

The event was lovely, I am so thrilled to the part of the cast for this season! I absolutely love it! After the show we took some pictures with the audience and some with the cast and I, of course, took pictures of my own! The pictures will be posted below this  paragraph. If you want to join the next Fashion Police event which will be held two weeks from yesterday which is on December 10th at 7:00 PM Central time and 8:00 PM Eastern time, then you simply need to add VictoriaBeckham or LanaDelRay or ME (if you’re reading this blog). If none of that works then simply join the group page on IMVU called Elite Entertainment & Productions simply click it! Now picture time! This is my disclaimer: I’m sorry if I didn’t get everyone in the pictures, I did my what I could! Don’t hit me! haha!





Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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