Soho Floral



Hi Belles!

First of, I hope you like this outfit or you find something you like in it! I have to say I’ve not always been a fan of clutch purses on IMVU sometimes because it can seem a bit weird for me, but I’m starting to enjoy it. I love this purse by Saborosa! It seems quite real. My favourite piece in the whole ensemble is the legging! I went bat shit crazy for it! That is why I made an outfit surrounding it. I love it. Heusen designed the leggings by the way.

So further updates.

I think I joined a girls group called Audrey Chanel? I am not sure, I’m very iffy on the whole idea but we’ll see how it proceeds. I also joined a few other things. My preschool that I opened on IMVU is running smoothly and I love it. I’ hiring teachers that are effective and its free so more kids tend to join. I broke up with my girl friend. She was having some trust issues of her own since she came out of her last relationship and it affected her ability to be in a relationship with me without thinking I was ‘cheating’ on her. Which I was not. So we broke up, I told her the following:



I have never expressed my personal life this much. but I am stepping out of my comfort zone for a bit! Feels very weird I can assure you.  So yes this is what is up with me.


Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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