A Cup of Jeau ft. Chyere


This 18 year old joined our IMVU community in 2012 and has gone up the ladder from just hanging out to joining the modeling community and stepping into the fashion-developing world of IMVU. Meet the 18 year old IMVU developer named Christian. He liked most things from clothing (obviously) to music. Some dislikes of his would be annoying and fake people trolling our lives. Christian’s five favorite music artists are Beyonce (of course) Nicki Minaj, Ariana, Jessie J, CakesDaKilla and Azaelia Banks! His favorite color has always been Periwinkle because of the TV show Blues Clues!

So are you in the fashion industry in reality?

No, but I want to be

You want to be? What stops you from doing it?

I just want to go to college first. Then I will focus on what I really want to do

You went from modeling to designing, how was the transition process? Was it difficult?

Not really. It was a random thing my friend and me were doing. I just wanted to make my own clothing for myself, and then people started buying it.

What was the first thing you created?

An orange Aztec sweater

How did it turn out when you first did it?

It was ugly to me, but people liked it

As you progressed did the programs you used to design change? And what program did you use when you started designing?

I used gimp but now I use Photoshop. It’s way easier to use in my opinion.

What is your inspiration in your designs? What triggers the way you make your clothing?

My inspiration is brands in reality, I love watching fashion shows and looking at magazine, billboards.

Who are your favorite designers in reality?

Alexander Wang, Balmain, Anthony Vaccarello, Jeremy Scott

Have you done any shows lately on that included your catalog?

No, I want to do one though I am going to try and do one at the end of this year.

What advice do you have for people who want to get into creating?

Hmm. Just do it. Haha.

Favorite designers on IMVU?

Kalifornia, Areola, Pierce, Coochie, Allo, Wannamonroe, Yesenia, Blaise, Fine, Recycle.

Awesome! Thank you so much for sitting with me to have this interview.

No problem! This was fun!

Check out some outfits from the one and only Chyere! If you like these outfits checkout her catalog Chyere@IMVU.

You will not be disappointed!

hiResNoBg4 copy copy

hiResNoBg2 copy 2


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