On Jane

newjane copy copyOn Jane. On me. This is my mini update.

Hi beautiful people. For a while, about a week… ish. I haven’t posted anything. I even missed Halloween and I was so sure I would post yesterday and didn’t. This is why, I lost something very vital and I needed to replace it ASAP. This vital thing had me outside from morning till around 6:45 pm at night. I was so tired. When I got home, I had no strength to do much.

Skipping back, some things have happened that made my being a member of IMVU fun. I opened a preschool called Little Ones Preschool on IMVU and its been a blast. I have wonderful amazing staff and I see new children coming in daily. That alone has sort of consumed me on IMVU.

I found someone special. She is amazing and I really like her. I am not going into details. Haha. I only wanted to mention it. I’ve only talked about someone one I liked once on my blog. I don’t want to jinx this one. Haha.

I am also searching for a family. It’s been a roller coaster in my family experience on IMVU. One minute I have a family the next minute I didn’t and I had a good family before except my IMVU mother decided to sell her account without saying anything to anyone or me. It was weird because the day before that we were laughing and joking and having a blast! Then day two comes and poof! she’s gone! I had to hear about it from her friend. A lot of people were affected by it and I wish she knew that. It’s an unfortunate thing.

Today, It is snowing outside and I don’t have a winter jacket or any winter protection material except for a hat a couple of hoodies which I plan on wearing. We are going to wallpaper a whole studio. Now bare this in mind, neither of us have done something like this before. This should be interesting. Then again, its the woman’s fault for trusting young ones who have no experience in that department whatsoever to do it for her. Is she cheap? I think yes. Nonetheless, it will be a fun experience. I hope.

Enough about me? What are your updates? You can inbox me on IMVU or reply on this post and I will get back to you.



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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