A Cup of Jeau ft. Baduizm



Bonjour! Meet Marie, A.K.A Baduizm who takes designs from reality and re-create it on IMVU. I don’t know many people who can do that with detail and sensibility but Baduizm is one of them! I didn’t think she would agree to the interview but when she did I was very happy! Baduizm states, “All it takes is concentration [to design all the items].”

Let’s start with something light, tell us some interesting facts about yourself? 

“Well, My name is Marie and I’m 24 years of age, I live in Harlem NYC, and my hobbies involve Fashion design & Photography. I have a divine like for Nature I dislike negative Energy. I’m a vegan so anything that isn’t derived from animals is my favorite food and my favorite activities are networking and meet people. I love to socialize. Beloved, is my favorite movie of all time! As for favorite designers, its basically anyone I wear is my favorite designer, I support creative minds.”

How did you start creating? 

“I started by making tattoos and doing custom graphics and as my ability expanded I evolved fluently.”

What kind of tattoos were you into?

“Anything pertaining to henna, Aztec, tribal, nature related, but I also did customs”

That’s awesome; do you know how to make any hennas in reality?

“Yes I am pretty good with hand drawings & sketch, Led material, sometimes wax.”

What inspired you from moving to doing tattoos and graphics and turning them into clothing?

“Well I just thought about expanding my variety of productions & decided to take tutorials on how to do clothing once I got the hang of it I was on and rolling.”

So if I were to challenge you to make something that is very haute couture out of recyclable trash, what would be the items that you would use?

“I would have 5 items, a tin material, Plastic, teary cloth, scruff leather, & Styrofoam.”

Hmm…Styrofoam? What would you do with that?

“I’ve actually done this before, so with the items I have would make a Hat and the Styrofoam will be the lining to give the hat shape & mass. It wouldn’t be visible.”

So have you had a fashion show on IMVU in the past if so what was it featuring? And how did it go?

“Well I have a fashion show coming this Friday by the name of Fall’s Jenesequa but my previous show was “Bump The Runway” which was a Maternity collection. A combination of both but urban couture the main focus.”

Also so, do you have any future plans as a designer?

“Not just yet but my wheel is constantly turning so I will make notice when there is, so far I’m planning to partner up with some fellow designer to do a valentines day lingerie special.”

What advice or food for thought do you have for those wo are aspiring to design on IMVU?

“I would always encourage them not to let anything or anyone tell them to think otherwise of their creative thoughts also that IMVU is your world and creativity in any form has no limit.”


Thank you so much for coming Marie! It’s been more than a pleasure meeting you

 “Likewise boo! You’re very professional and I applaud you with much respect. You count me as a new friend”

Meeting Marie A.K.A Baduizm was amazing. She is lovely and I think everyone one should get a chance to meet her. I do believe that most creators once you meet them are just as down-to-earth as most of us. I love her catalog is truly amazing; you take some stuff in reality and recreate it on IMVU. 

Hi Lovelies, want to see the new show Baduizm, well simply check out this poster and inbox Baduizm to RSVP!



ITS NOT OVER YET! Check out some outfits from Baduizm’s catalog! 




Alright that’s all lovelies, have a good night!


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