A Cup of Jeau ft. Amante.



Meet Epique (Leona) and AdmireYou (Paige) these two lovely ladies are running a modelling agency on IMVU that is newly open. I met up with them for an interview to see how things are going and what they are aspiring to do with this agency. You decide for yourself on the rest. This is A cup of Jeau ft. Amante Modeling Agency.


J: So first tell us about yourselves.

Epique: Hello Melanie, I’m Leona and I’m 17 I love fashion IMVU inspired me a lot about it my favorite designer is Alexander McQueen for sure and I’m a high school teenager I’m very frank and a very lively person. I have a keen to undertake any sort of work!

AdmireYou: Hey my name is Paige and I am 18 I live in Australia. I’m a shy person don’t really talk when I first meet someone but at the same time I’m fun to be around. I love fashion but its odd because I’m not really a girly girl I get in trouble when I don’t wear makeup from my mum or when I just go out to the store in a hoody and jeans and I love Collette Dinnigans designs

J: Whose idea was it to start Amante?

AdmireYou: I use to own a modeling agency called Elite on my old account but that got hacked and Leona had asked me when was I going to open a new agency and I hadn’t really thought about it. But when I slept on it I figured why not. It’s something that I love and it’s something that brings together more people to do what they love.

Epique: Well she love owning her agencies and she loves Fashion so I asked her to open an agency, she liked the idea and Bam! Amante’s here!

J: That’s good that you’re starting over again, it must have been kind of difficult to start over since you already had another agency in the previously hacked account.

AdmireYou: Exactly afterwards I just kind of gave up considering it was going so well I just didn’t want to start again and have it happen again

J: I know most agencies can be similar and it is difficult to make it different from other modeling agencies, but what has Amante done to stand out?

AdmireYou: It won’t be just a modeling agency; once more people come and apply. There will be classes for specific areas that models want or need to improve on. Like, editing, photo-shoots & runaways

Epique: That’s a great idea! Amante will be very unique fighting in the modeling industry.

J: When hiring models what does Amante look for?

 AdmireYou: When looking for models, every other agency looks for someone who can put an outfit together & that’s basically it sometimes but with Amante. We look for someone who can make an outfit unique and we look for someone who has different ideas on what they need to do & also someone who wants to learn from each and every task

Epique: Also, We look for models that know how to work with facial expressions and not to go with normal developers but also the unique ones. We also look for models with a good experience.

 J: Speaking of editing Leona you have an Edit group page where you sell some edits made by yourself, how did you get started with editing and how long have you been editing?

Epique: Well, after Fashion editing is all my passion. I also love editing now when I used to look at those great shimmering edits I used to ruin my mood that is why can’t I edit well sometimes. However, when I met Cosmin (xxHotxFeebzxx) he was the only one to teach me how to edit and you wont believe he just taught me a skin repaint and furthermore I was so inspired I started waving my brush and get to work that day inspired me a lot. My edits are unique and are nice enough. It’s been 6 months editing now and I am looking to edit better and a lot nicer than I already am. Cosmin inspired me a way too much. Also one of my favorite editors here are TotoroGhibliArt and Jeanevivee. They’re edits are the best you can find on IMVU!

To have Epique give you an exclusive, custom made edit, CHECK OUT HER GROUP

J: Do you think Amante will host any fashion shows or contests? Is there any upcoming event in the near future?

AdmireYou: I am definitely saying yes I’m hoping in November their will be a fashion show and contests I am also hoping their will be one either next month or again in November

J: How would you categorize your agency? I mean there are some Avant Garade/High Fashion modeling agencies that are pretty much based off that, so what would yours be?

AdmireYou: At the moment the agency is trying to get the feel of what people are like when it comes to fashion. But in the future it would be going towards Avante Garade but at the same time there will be tasks that will be a little more casual than that.


I enjoyed having this interview. If you’d like an interview with me, simply inbox me on IMVU for an interview and I will get back to you in no time. Thank you for reading and paying a slight attention to my blog, its done wonders. I couldn’t be more grateful. Have a lovely Monday!




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