A cup of Jeau ft. iMoo


Yesterday, being my birthday I decided to do something, special. I have been with the group Sedulity for quite a while, I believe it has been almost two years which was since I was a new individual on IMVU until this very moment. I appreciate Sedulity for its purpose, which is helping models (I prefer calling them stylists) and shinning the spot light on some new and experienced developers. I took some time to get to know the new owner of Sedulity, iMoo, who is plain awesome and down to earth as can possibly be and you should get the sense of why I say this in the interview! This is A cup of Jeau ft. iMoo:

Tell us about yourself.

I go by Chey on IMVU. I’m 19 years old and I’m originally from Ohio, though I’ve moved around quite a bit in the recent year or two, so I live in Florida for the time being. I’m an all-around friendly and outgoing person. My sense of humor is pretty decent and I know how to have a good time.

How did you locate the group Sedulity?

I actually found it while I was recruiting models for my own agency. It happened that one of the members invited me to join the group, so I gave it a shot.

How long have you been with Sedulity and why do you like the group?

I’ve been with Sedulity for a bit more than half a year. Though I was inactive for the first few months, around Christmas I started really taking interest. I like the group because it offers a wide range of opportunities for the models. It’s a place where you can get paid for creating outfits; essentially doing what you love. Also it helps round out your skills as a model, judging as well.

A bit more than half a year! Now you’re the owner of Sedulity! How did you come by that?

I’m not really sure how it happened. I just showed a lot of dedication in the first few months and was offered the stylist rank, and then a judge rank. A lot of the members ended up becoming friendly with me and they liked that I had a sort of passion for the group. When we were looking for a new owner, it was suggested by a handful that I should take over, so I accepted.

What did it feel like at first, being an owner?

Definitely overwhelming, yet exciting. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it got easier as it went on, and rather quickly.

Do you think it’s better to be a part of Sedulity than to be a normal model on IMVU? If so why or why not?

I believe it can be, depending on what a model is looking to gain. Experience is definitely one of the things Sedulity has to offer. We give positive feedback while also helping to fix some frequently made mistakes. The payment a model receives once they earn Stylist rank is also another reason to be part of the group. It’s better than a lot of the point systems modeling groups offer. New developers can be discovered, as well as models can learn to be more versatile. Maybe learn to use the shop better, such as navigation.

Who would you say are on the rise in Sedulity as “models”?

I’m not really sure who models in the group. There are so many members. But if I had to say who had a lot of good potential as a model. Frightful would definitely be on the top of my list. She’s got a lot of knowledge in the fashion world and she’s been the first to achieve being a master stylist. Second would be Weeaboo, who would be in the same class if she were active enough. Otherwise, all of our members improve steadily and continue to surprise me with their submissions, so I don’t have any doubts about anyone.

That definitely shows promise; would you consider Sedulity as some type of training ground for models new and old?

Definitely. I thought I was a great model before joining Sedulity, because I was winning a lot of competitions. But when I came to Sedulity, I was receiving B+’s constantly. There are quite a few members who have come to me with similar feelings I had back then. It’s just the process of the group.

Does the atmosphere at Sedulity get a little heated from time to time?

From time to time, there has been some drama. It’s a little unavoidable, considering some members feel picked on if bad grades become too repetitive. So far, we’ve been able to clear up any drama within a few days, so that’s a plus.

That’s good, I understand that Sedulity has a website called imvuoutfits.com and they have certain themes. If you were to add a theme or a category I should say that is not already there, what would the category be?

Well, we’ve already got such a wide range on themes… But sometimes the categories can be pretty general, so making extra themes such as grunge would be pretty awesome.

Is there any way you want to improve the Sedulity group?

 Well, right now Implex (Brian) and I are planning to move the group to its own website, kind of like GASR. Other ways to get members more interactive with the website has come up as well, such as giving them their own profiles and possibly achievements/badges to display on their pages.

So for those who struggle at first when they join Sedulity what would your advice for them be?

Usually when they ask for advice, I’ll tell them not to sweat the lower grades. It just means that you’ve got a few minor details to work out. Sometimes it will be an immature head, so I’ll go to Shop Together with them and try giving a few suggestions. Also if they’re not accessorizing enough, I’ll PM them and let them know what they could do to fix that bit.

All in all, the idea of Sedulity is truly a creative one seeing as IMVU focuses around fashion and beauty, (for the most part) Sedulity is a very helpful group that will help the females and males of IMVU learn a thing or two. SEDULITY IS NOT ONLY FOR MODELS! It’s for everyone. Anyone can be a stylist, all it takes is to join the group and become a part of something new! It’s a wonderful experience that I am sure most of the members have never regretted.




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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