B.T.S | Tip #1


You’re probably asking yourself, “What does B.T.S stand for?” Back To School is your answer. Now, August is ending and for some school is just around the corner and for others it’s still all the way in September, so I figured why not post thing now, that way I won’t have to do it in September. Our summer break is gradually coming to an end, yet again; some of you might be anxious or nervous about being a freshman or entering your senior year or going into college for the first time. You’re going to be meeting new teachers, making new friends and making another big transition in your life with a different social scene (especially for those entering college). I will be posting some helpful tips a day at a time along with some fashion outfits. These tips are helpful for me and should be helpful for you to survive your new school/college year.

Get Plenty of Shut-eye

Teenagers need at least nine hours of sleep per night to feel fully rested. I used to sleep in the afternoon and that totally disrupted my sleep cycle, it’s alright to take 20 minute naps or 40 minute naps, but try not to fully sleep. Only sleep fully during the night time. This way, your melatonin in your body, which is a growth hormone, can really help you grow and improve your body and your brain. Another perk about a good night rest is better grades, trust me I would know. I was getting B’s and C’s through grade 10 and 11 and in grade 12 it shot up to A’s in everything I did, nothing I did way ever lower thank an 80% in any of my tests or quizzes.

My room is in the basement, I chose the basement room because it’s always cool and dark and that makes for a lovely night sleep. I love the cold in my bed room and the dark and I have spotlights so when I want to study I can just turn them on and it brightens up the whole place and keeps me from sleeping.  If you have to play video games or watch television do it in a different room, try not to be on your bed when you want to do those thing during the day because eventually you will feel tired and want to sleep during the day. All in All try to keep your bedroom for sleeping only! So you can get a lot of shut-eye!

Another tip: try a routine, for example; wash your face every night before bed or take a nice shower, then your body knows “Hey, it’s bed time guys!”

This is the first tip of more to come! I hope it’s worked for you like it has for me!





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