B.T.B.R | It’s OK


Lately I have been stressing about starting a new life in a new city and it’s been making me feel quite scared. I always gave advice to people to not be scared and never really accepted that it was okay and alright to be scared.

Feeling afraid or scared doesn’t make you fragile, weak, unable or inadequate. It certainly does not make you a disappointment or a failure. It makes you a homo sapient, in lament terms; a human. Every one of us feels scared sometimes; whether you’re scared for change, insecurities, or being honest and many more. Life itself is scary and overwhelming for us all but it’s not a reason for you to give up on yourself.

It is inevitable, as humans we all make mistakes, you will trip and you will fall and take wrong turns from time to time, but where there mistakes there are also opportunities to grow, discover yourself and realize your capabilities. Through being frightened and making mistakes, when you overcome those fears, you will have more clarity as to how strong you are, stronger than you ever gave yourself credit for. You will notice that you can feel fear; you can be scared and still carry on with your life.

Another issue is to step out of your comfort zone, that is definitely scary for me at times, but I realized that when you step out of that comfort zone that is where the real enjoyment and fulfillment of your life lies. Next time you feel as though your fears are taking over you, ask yourself the following:

“What is the worst thing that can happen if I take this step? And also ask yourself; what is the best thing that could happen? What will I miss out on if I continue to let this fear control me? And what will I gain and discover if I let go of the fear and take this leap?”

Finding the courage to face what feels difficult and unbearable is most definitely NOT easy, but it is POSSIBLE. It starts when you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and understand that your fears should not limit you from achieving something in the future. It starts when you comprehend that things are not as scary as it seems. It starts with small steps forward each day. And it starts with you.




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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