A Cup of Jeau ft. Zephyr

zephyrHello everyone, I’d like for you all to meet this video game playing, extrovert and sometimes introverted person, who lives in Sydney, Australia and loves metal music like Borknagar, Obscura, Necrophagist and more, called Zephyr who is, and I quote; “Old enough to do most things.” (Creators do not like to say their age, haha, I wonder why?).

Your inspiration for developing, heads, skins and all the rest?
“I draw my inspiration for developing from pushing the IMVU engine to its full capabilities. Also, some other developers in the skin department are neat such as Scarling, Gossamer, Illidan, Maiev, ChicbyTrinity. Maybe an observant eye can pick up other influences.”

Your favorite developer on IMVU?
“My all-time favourite developer in ‘everything’ is pretty hard to say, as I have many favourites. Some of them being Secondharvest, SAL, Ellohym, Quantum, Nikka, Klouddust and I could go on forever.”

Type of music you like that you think mixing with your developing ?
“I usually listen to Solar Fields, Carbon Based Life forms and Square pusher whilst developing. Sometimes I listen to my other music in my library and I have a playlist full of secret pleasure music.”

Favorite color/texture/print/patterns?
My favourite colours are of neutral tone… or black that works too. Generally, I prefer flat and simplistic things.”

What do you do other than developing on IMVU?
“I play video games (namely single player RPG) and attend school when I’m not on IMVU.”

Advice for other aspiring developers?
“Only make stuff that you’re interested in. Don’t make ‘swag’ clothes because it sells well, make items that you would wear on your avatar. Eventually, you’re going to find other people with similar taste and that’s cool.”

How does your talent help in the IMVU community?
“Hmm, talent. Haha, I’m iffy on that word. Well, I offer high quality products without crazy prices (excluding mesh heads), because I want the general user base of IMVU to have nice products without spending too much ‘moolah’ (cash/credits).”

All in all, Zephyr is a pretty cool being, and I’m not just saying that because he agreed to an interview (which he did, THANK GOD) but because ‘m pretty sure you can tell by his answers that he’s a normal guy, who loves interesting music and style ad plays video games.




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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