A Cup of Jeau ft. Indivijewel


Before we begin with the interview, I would love to think xxHotxFeebzxx (Cosmin) for helping me to edit Indivijewel’s avatar you see here. I couldn’t do this with out him. So I am highly grateful for his editing skills.

Meeting Indivijewel was kind of one of those starstruck moments, even though I never actually got to meet her, we sent e-mails to one another, and that’s pretty much all a girl can ask for. I love her work, and her textures and jewelry are so precise, that it’s just amazing. So without further adieu meet Indivijual or Miha in her case.

How did you start designing for IMVU?

“Oh..that is a good question. When I joined IMVU I just wanted to make my avatar look good, and my generous nature meant that I also liked to gift my friends a lot. I noticed that my bank account was getting hit badly by my habits, so I decided to make my own stuff to see if I can at least break even. That was 5 years ago, and now I don’t need to purchase any more credits, which is really nice. Over time it has become a good source of pocket money too, haha.  Also Indivijewel is my alternate account, my original is Miha.

What are your inspirations?

“For Indivijewel account, I get inspired from fashion, and I try to keep it all in the same theme. I see a shoe I like for example and I end up making a bundle inspired from it. Same goes for dresses, jewelry etc…I even got inspired by a nail set once!”

Who are your favorite developers?

“Oh my, that is hard to list…so many of them really. I love my meshers! Delure, Spirit, Epic3D, Dev, TiaraStone, Bibirasta, Gejwa, Whimsee, MissMeshr, Wiiing, SecondHarvest...and so many more I will run out of space really. On the texturing side, I love MissMaya, Whims, MsPixelicious, Wiiing again on her alts, Aanry, Spirit, Ellohym, DiezAre, Ismeny, WhiteDiamond…and so many many others. Again, if I forgot to mention one of them I am sorry, but i truly love them all!”

How is creating jewelry/accessories different from creating clothing?

“With jewelry, the surface you got to work with is smaller, and sometimes you got to use brighter highlights and deeper shadows to make it stand out. I mean, the avatar itself is limited in size, and when you first look at someone, the jewelry occupies a very small space. Also sometimes is hard to add detail to jewelry for the same reason, small space that will never show it. I found that keeping it simple where you can works best for me.”

How do you help the IMVU community through your talent?

“Well, I do hold regular contests, I support many developer and modelling groups, as well as being part of the FreeDerives group, where I had my thread offering free derives to new developers since its started, 4 years ago. I am also known to help talented developers start up, when we had the old system of buying a name token to create. Now it’s harder, because I cannot afford to give out yearly VIP subscriptions, so I keep it to offering free derivables.”

What advice do you have for aspiring developers?

“Things have changed now in IMVU, competition is stiff and is very difficult to make a name for yourself. However, that does not mean it is impossible, so if you truly wish to succeed, work hard, get your textures right, do not submit what you won’t wear, and NEVER EVER STEAL other people’s work. Reputations in IMVU are hard to make, but very easy to destroy. So keep yourself in a good standing with the community because it can be very unforgiving.”

Which piece of clothing/accessories do you like best?

“I looooove making and wearing shoes! I am a veritable Shoeaholic.”

What type of prints/textures/patterns do you like to work with?

“Describe it. I love flowers so for me is organic shapes. I struggle a lot when it comes to geometrical patterns, squares or rectangles and triangles are hard for me to work with. I simply cannot work out how they look best. I love lace, and natural fibers, i love flowers but not to small, i like the flowers to make a statement on the outfit i make. I usually use it as an accent rather then patterns if that makes sense.”

I hope you all enjoyed this interview as much as I did while piecing it together, please shop Indivijewel or Miha, by clicking the links on the names. Both accounts have brilliant catalogs and you all have to see it. For example:





Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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