B.T.B.R | Lesbian Myths


I think it’s time to debunk some serious stereotypes about lesbians. After celebrating LGBTQ month in June, I realized there are so many weird stereotypes about lesbians that really made me laugh, hard. So yes, I want to set straight some unfair stereotypical myths about lesbians. However these stereotypes are mean and insulting as well to all lesbians. Forget everything you think you know about sexuality. Here are is the first 5 myths about lesbians that aren’t true.

All Lesbians Hate Men & Are Feminists: Lesbians are attracted to women they like, that does not mean we officially hate all males on the surface of the earth. Also we all are not feminists, yes, there are some people who are feminists but not all of us behave that way. So yes, this is completely not true and so unfair. If a girl finds out that she is a lesbian she does not automatically hate men and turns into a feminist. Those are two different things!
Lesbians Are All Masculine: Okay, come on, I’m sure some people are getting the idea by now, that not all lesbians look like absolute guys. Butch is described in the Urban Dictionary as “overtly/stereotypically masculine or masculine-acting woman.” It’s strange that someone has that notion that lesbians, which are females that are attracted to females, want to turn into a guy? Do you see how that contradicts everything a lesbian is? Now I’m not saying not all lesbians are butch, some are, it’s there thing, but NOT ALL OF US ARE! Sure, some lesbians choose to dress and look this way, but definitely not all of them. Lesbians come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can’t tell who is a lesbian just by looking at them.

In A Lesbian Relationship, There Has To Be ‘The Man’: No. flat out No. I have seen flamboyant heterosexual males who are in a relationship, why don’t they “act like men”? Saying that means you’re saying it can’t be a real relationship if a male figure is not involved. It’s silly and ridiculous. It shouldn’t matter in a relationship which the male figure is. Tip for everyone: Never ask a lesbian couple who the “man” is.

All lesbians want fast and serious relationships: Not every lesbian gets it, hot, fast and furious when they set eyes on someone they like. It’s just like a normal relationship with a guy or whomever; you want to see where it leads, so you take it slow. I have no idea where that thought got out into this world but it’s absolutely untrue.

Lesbians Are Attracted To ALL Women: People assume bisexuals like all people others believe lesbians love all women. That’s also not true. Ask yourself, will you fall head over heels to the next person you see when you walk out of your neighborhood? No.

There are people who have certain images on how a lesbian should look and act like. They seem to have a preconceived notion that this is how lesbians should really behave and when that notion is not proved right, they are in utter shock! No shit Sherlock! Just because we’re lesbians doesn’t mean we are aliens!




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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