B.T.B.R | Virginity

90c77b1111When it comes to losing your virginity, the most important thing is that you feel ready and comfortable in your decision. If you think that someone is going to lose interest in you because you’re a virgin, it’s probably a gut feeling you have toward that person. That instinct is probably telling you this person isn’t right for you or that it is not the person you should give your virginity too. Always, always, always, listen to your gut, especially on issues such as this.

My friend let us call her, Kara, (and no it is not me. I’m still very much a virgin) lost her virginity to her high school boyfriend who had been with other girls before. He didn’t pressure her and didn’t lose interest with her before they had sex or after. However, there are people who do lose interest, and that has nothing to do with you.

If a guy or a girl loses interest in you because you will not have sex with him or her then that is not your fault. It’s their problem. He/she wanted something you were not ready offer up just yet. Also if someone uses you for sex, I say have your revenge or play it cool and keep on moving with your life, either way you win and they lose.

Again having sex and losing your virginity is a big, huge decision, whether you’re a virgin or not. It is an intimate decision with yourself and your partner. Think about it, you’re letting someone else see your beauty and also your insecurities; you have to be 100% with yourself and your decision because if you doubt yourself, even if it is 0.01% of doubt, you will not enjoy it and you will not fully give yourself to the one you love. You always need to be comfortable when you decide to have sex. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin, as a matter of fact think of yourself as a precious rare Pegasus or a Phoenix. So all in all let no one make you feel bad or guilty about your sex life. That part of your life belongs to only one person and that person is you.




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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