A cup of Jeau ft. xxHotxFeebzxx (Cosmin)


I have known Cosmin for quite a while now and he is an amazing editor who loves to meet new people and learn about them, he does not seem like the shy type and he is just full of cheer and full of love.

 Who are you as a person outside IMVU?

“I’m a friendly person! I mean, I like to meet new people. I’m quite shy too. So I guess I am a friendly, shy, person.”

How was your experience when you first started IMVU?

“It’s was… really hard! The first time I used IMVU was in… 2011? Yeah… But I didn’t understand a word. I started to learn more and more about English and proper grammar and I’m still practicing.”

What things do you take interest in on IMVU?

“Well, the graphic, the people, the avatars, everything. I really love IMVU.”

So I know you like fashion, how were you introduced into the modeling world?

“Well, I remember that I was looking on YouTube at tutorials on how to edit IMVU pics. In time I found out what a “*hiresnobg” (screenshot) was and what a shadow less room was. After 5 months I decided to apply for a competition. And I made it.”

Now that you are in the modeling world, how is it for you?

“Well it’s easy, but sometimes, hard. I’m glad that I’m a part of IMVU modeling industry.”

Have you worked with any of our IMVU creators? If so, how was the experience?

“No, but I really want to.”

7. Editing wise, how did you start? Was that difficult?

“When I started editing I was like; “FUCK THIS SHIT!!!” Later on I realized it was so easy if I kept on practicing.”

What are the things you need to succeed in IMVU, as a model and a member of the community?

“Well, I have to try hard to be a very good model and I am not only speaking about me but everyone who wants to be a model, kicking out the shyness and keeping the confidence.”

Now that you have all this success and breakthroughs, what is your next big step?

“Well, I want to model for different creators, become a super model and be as friendly as I am and have many friends. :)”

Here are some of Cosmin’s beautiful edits:



Also Cosmin has a modeling competition where others can join and I believe a new season is coming up, if you are interested, please, please, PLEASE, do not hesitate to apply for a spot! Click on the icon to go straight to the link.


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