Hello honey bugs! I am a feminist. No, its not the crazy “fight for this, fight for that” type but more of the  “take charge of your life type.” and not in the bad way that most people think feminists are, but in the more Beyonce Knowles kind of way. In IMVU I have noticed that some females even on virtual games still lack confidence and in reality its the exact same things with my friends, they may seem confident but when you really get the change to get to know them, the confidence is absolutely obsolete. That is why today  marks the beginning of a new part of my blog, called BORN TO BE REAL! So why blog if I am not blogging anything to help others?

B.T.B.R is a segment on my blog where I speak on issues concerning girls and women, the whole female gender. I feel as though I have been surrounded by so many females who have been hurt and it’s just not a good vibe, seeing those sad worn out faces, that become perfect con-women by fake smiling every day of their lives. Honestly I do believe this segment can help people in reality and on IMVU. Please realize this an opinion of one person and it might have been proven to work and it might have not. But I’m pretty sure it has.




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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