Exams are over my loves! I am free… ish. But no more studying until college that is. My mind is at rest for now and a new summer has officially begun for me. I am so happy and excited. My friends and I at church have decided to start a girls group called Eat Pray Love, and its just for girls to come together and just talk, go out, and of course eat.  I love the idea and I am totally all in for it! I want this to go so far and I think it can.

I have been out of the whole IMVU thing for a while, exams and all but now I’m back and gosh I want to post so many things about IMVU developers on my blog, from interviews to things I love like this outfit I posted. There are some developers that are really shining that I was so unaware of, which is rare for me and I would like to meet them and talk to them and of course keep you guys in the loop because its something I am interested in. So please stay tuned and keep your eyes out for new posts.

A hint on what individual I am going to be interviewing: It’s a female.




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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