Holy Matrimony!


I attended the wedding of Copacetic and Dancing last night! It was a small beautiful wedding and it’s the first one I am blogging. It was a slow start, IMVU had its technical difficulties causing the wedding to start a little later than the time they hoped for.


The ceremony was peaceful with the pastor being Amillia and the rest of us watching as they tied the knot. These were their vows:

Firstly, Copacetic.


And now we have Dancing (Helena),


After the wedding was over we had cake! I love me some cake. Then we had wine and got drunk in love, I’m kidding. The newly weds danced together, and it was lovely.


Then we took a bunch of pictures!


Chique (Purple), Jeau (Peach), Amillia (Black), Tinsxie (White), Copacetic (Suit), Dancing (Wedding dress).


Don’t the judge the pose I am in right now. I just clicked whatever. But it’s cute isn’t it?!


I should’ve flipped the names  around. Oh well. Toasts were made, unfortunately I did not get pictures of those, but they were made my Amillia and Chique I believe. I was drunk on wine. Again, kidding.


Here is my toast. It’s probably the first wedding I have been to on IMVU and I’m so glad I went, I don’t know most of them, except Dancing (Helena) but it was lovely being a part of something so beautiful. I loved it from start to finish, both of you look so lovely and I know your love will last forever. I wish you the best of luck and lots of love, laughter, happiness, joy and peace.





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