A cup of Jeau ft. Shaxey

mwxfnl1Good-day honey-bugs! I have been busy as you all know, but I have also been planning a bunch of interviews and one of them is with the famous Shaxey! He is a model, editor, judge and probably more things that I do not know about. He owns a Modeling School called DM Model School. The school was formed earlier this year and has been helpful to many start up models and even those models who are already in the industry! Let’s begin!

What does DM stand for?

“DM stands for Diva Models which is the model agency I started 2012. However I paused it. It became too stressful for me to run by myself. I felt I needed to save my energy and I started to just model and edit for a while. The DM initials still hang on though, like a trademark.”

Why and how did you start DM?

“When I had my agency there were many people who came in to apply but lacked a lot of knowledge and experience and I had to turn them down. Last autumn I was thinking of opening my agency again but came up with the idea of opening a school instead. I think there are needs for this kind of education groups plus I like doing it and to share the knowledge and experience with others. – How, well it took a while to go from the idea, to figure out all details and then put it in action, to gather a good staff and application form for students and of course advertising. I started with the application group in January before I made the main group and then opened it when the school started in middle of March. So it was well planned and much to think of before opening the school. Especially when so many people are involved.”

Prior to DM school, what were you doing?

“I was into modeling, editing, being a judge for some competitions, and participated in contests.”

What do the models learn to do at DM school?

“Everything you need to know to work as a model really, we have 4 blocks with basic tools, example; how to take proper pictures, fashion styles, basic editing, switch walk and much more. Hopefully the students also embrace the teacher’s enthusiasm for this model world on IMVU.”

When can students enroll?

“Application for season two, which will be after summer vacation, will open really soon. I just have to adjust some details first. Link to the app group if someone is interested: CLICK HERE”

Is it costly?

“No its not, the fee for joining the school next season is 500 credits and I think it’s a fair price consider the whole” package” they will get along with “treats” and chance to win a scholarship award. They will also have a good chance to get hired by a good agency. DM is up for cooperation with different model agencies that fills the requirements.”

What are the requirements to enroll?

“You have to be interested and have discipline to complete the 3 month education. You have to be active with homework and lessons. You should have none or little experience in modeling. Experienced models most likely know 50% already so this time we deny their applications and direct them to other agencies. For editing lessons you need an editing program such as Photoshop or gimp otherwise that block can be hard to manage. It’s useful if you already own a model avatar but not necessary to be able to apply. You have to be able to take constructive criticism from a teacher. Be on time… and be respectful. That’s basically it.”

What are the staffs and students like?

“This season’s staffs have been a sweet bunch of experienced and professional models and developers. Some have really put their commitment to the school and for that I’m thankful. I will take a few of them, who are willing, with me to next season. I need to fill up some of the positions however, so the new staff application is already up. The students have been very positive from the beginning, but I will be honest to say that many students this season unfortunately have not been fully committed and some not even interested of a model future, or personal in real life things got in the way. But there have been a good mood during online classes with the present students and I look forward and hope next season will be positive and the student applicants are more involved to complete the education. This first season you can call a trial period to adjust things that can only be better.”


Click the image to be linked to the group!

If you are interested in learning the tricks and trades in being a model on IMVU then quickly click the links provided at the start of this interview and somewhere in the middle. This is a link for their group avatar account: DMmodelschool So here’s some food for thought; you are never to old to go back to school! Never!




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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