Rock a nicer look with glasses.

Hello beautiful. It has been a while. School is dying down right now and also Exams are coming up. I am trying to fit everything properly and carve out some me time. Now, this is my me time. So for those who love wearing glasses in reality as well as on IMVU, these tips can work for you! (Might work better in reality.)

The 8 Vital Tips for Girls Who Rock Glasses

1. Eyeliner is important; it really adds definition from behind your lenses. Try gel liner on the top, and a thin stroke of powder liner on the bottom.

2. Always define your brows with a shadow the same shade as your hair color. This will ensure that your glasses don’t overpower your face.

3. Waterproof mascara won’t smudge on your lenses. Apply two coats.

4. If you have strong frames, you can get away with stronger makeup.

6. Don’t let your makeup overpower your frames if they’re delicate or nude. Choose softer colors for shadow and create definition with a dark liner and mascara.

7. The color of your eye shadow shouldn’t compete with the color of your glasses. If you want to do the same color as your frames, go a few shades lighter or go a few shades darker for the crease color, then finish with black liner and mascara.

8. For an easy look, go with a bold color on your lips and just apply concealer and mascara for your eyes. Put on your glasses and you’re set!


Play with Color

An eye shadow color that’s lighter and brighter than your frames will stand out instead of competing with your glasses. The little frames is good enough to showcase the lovely lavender eye shadow.


Make ‘Em Pop

Bold liner with minimal shadow looks amazing with thick, oversize frames. When you find a style that you love, get it in several colors. White frames, for example, highlight both your eye and makeup colors, making them a great choice to pair with statement liner. In this look I only used eyeliner to create a simpler chicer yet bold eyes.


Mix and Match

When you have a mix of confident colors on your hair, lips, and frames, keep your eye makeup simple and clean with only a little liner and mascara.As you can see, the frames are colorful and polka dotted. Plus I used a very bright colored hair and only make the lips a little bit on the darker pink side, this way we see a variety of colors; Cyan, Ginger, Pink.



I hope this is helpful for girls with little issues on how to do their make up if they have glasses. You don’t know to only wear eyeliner! You’re glasses shouldn’t be a barrier that stops you from exploring some color! So try some of these tips.



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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