Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Saturday’s lovelies! Mother’s day is tomorrow (May 11) and I thought it would be befitting to post these little helpful tips on how to celebrate mother’s day. Everyone has a mother whether they think so or not and she doesn’t have to give birth to you to be considered mother material, the fact that she took care of you and devoted her life to your well-being makes her mother enough; at least that is how I see it.

Now here are some helpful tips on how to give your Mum a lovely Mother’s day:


First, Discuss and Plan the day for your mother with your other family members. This way everyone is in on the idea and you don’t step on anyone’s toes. Plan something fun or relaxing or full of excitement whatever you feel your mother will love; in fact she will LOVE the fact that you carved time out of your day to plan something special just for her. The more information you have from her as to what she would like (Secretly of course), the better a decision you can all make. Remember: multiple brains are always better than one.


Secondly, consider giving her a gift. Be it a stuffed animal and a card (This is the easy way out, try to be more creative); something expensive and extravagant, or something sentimental that you made yourself, a gift is always appreciated. Also you can’t go wrong with a gift certificate to her favorite store! Think about your mother as a person; show that you know her by choosing a thoughtful thorough gift.

Lastly, for those who are away from home; make contact. If you live across the country or overseas, and can’t celebrate with your mum be sure to send a sweet card and give her a phone call, (This is only if you can’t make the trip to see her). Perhaps include a gift certificate with the card, or send a small gift. You could even order flowers from one of the many websites that offer those services. But overall, a phone call is a must. Your voice is a wonderful gift to a mother whose baby is far away.

I went around asking several people the reasons they love their mother. It was a simple question that brought me to tears; it’s amazing the things we don’t ask our friends in reality or even a virtual world like IMVU. Here are some of the answers from a few people that are close to me:

“My mum is my rock. I love her because she’s serious yet very funny, she is smart, confident, and beautiful, and she is everything I aspire to be and then some. My mother is my only source of joy even though she can be a pain in the ass.”
– Jeau
“Well… I love how I can tell my mom anything and how she’s so caring for other people and not just herself. She wants me to be happy and will do anything that she can to make me happy in life.”
– Peyton

“She never gave up on me like other mothers have in others’ lives. She stuck through it with me for many years. She treated me as a human being not like a nuisance and we talk as if we were best friends.”
– Monica (KhiddMonsta)
“I love her because she raised me and my brother as a single parent, she stood up for us when other people tried to put us down, we may fight and like different things but she helped make me who i am, she’s one of the most important people to me and i would do anything for her.”
– Chrissie (Psychosis)
“My mother is not just my mother she’s someone who is part of me, she’s part of my eyes, every time I look in the mirror I see her smiling at my accomplishment, she’s part of my ears and I hear her telling me to keep striving, she part of my feet there with me to take every steps in life, she part of my bones give me strength as I grow.”
– Tylane (PrinceTy)
“I love my mom because she has truly shown me what it’s like to love unconditionally; she has been there for me even when I neglected to be there for her. I am so thankful to have such a beautiful soul guiding me through life, and of course for giving me a life itself.”
– Jen (Someone)

What makes your Mum special to you? and why do you love her? Inbox me your plans for Mothers day and hopefully I can post most of those plans on Mothers day, which is tomorrow.



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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