Like… no.

So, I am venting and you don’t have to read it but if I posted it here its probably because I want you to, so here goes nothing.

My relationship life has been nothing but static! Why do I say this? because its between the same two people who go back and forth with me. When I get with one the other one pops up from absolutely no where! I mean where were you 4 months ago when I was single?! You decide to come back into my life when I am taken and happy? Like no… seriously no… uh uh! That’s the devil right there.

He start bringing up the past as if that is supposed to mean something to me? I have had a series of strange ass guys, and I can usually detect bullshit from 10,000 miles away, starting with when you come into a room, your appearance, how you speak, how you think. So when you invite me into a chat (first of all I am absolutely stupid for accepting!) I already know your reaction “Hunty!” I just wanna see how it plays out and its always the same way!

I am just going to stick to my guts from now on, if I know you’re not worth my while I won’t even think twice about speaking with you. Especially when it comes to exes because they seem to come towards me like magnets when I end up in a relationship again.


Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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