A cup of Jeau ft. Mun


Hello lovelies! Yup, I’m sitting beside Mun in that picture, as most of you should know, Mun is a fashion designer on IMVU, she creates outfits that she believes in and loves. I got to have a chat with her and find out her beginnings and other questions. So read on and enjoy!

Let’s start with a little introduction about on you…

“My name is Carolina, but you may call me Carro, I am 26 turning 27 this Friday, and I am from Portugal.”

How long have you been a designer and who are your fashion inspirations in reality and on IMVU?

“I’ve been a designer for almost 3 years and It took a lot of practice to start getting good at it…I don’t have any inspiration in reality or on IMVU. I just do what comes to my mind…I check some clothes out in reality just to have an idea…but not any particular design or artist… If it’s pretty to me, I take inspiration from that…”

Favorite developers…

“For clothes, I have no one really. However for skins, yes for skins I love xowhitediamond and Scarling they make a great job also love dollfies too.”

How did you start developing? Was there a process you had to go through?

“I love art, all related to it…and fashion is another way of expressing art. First I started creating for fun. I tried to see if I could create and also because I love Photoshop and learning more from it was an advantage when it comes to creating. Then obviously making products could get me some credits, so I wouldn’t have to buy credits from IMVU all the time. Plus I like to make my own clothes and see people buying it and being happy with them too.”

How long does it take you to make outfits? Because I notice they are so detailed.

“Well, it depends on the outfit and the texture. If it is a mesh product then maybe 5 – 20 minutes per outfit. Then designing the opacity map can take more time”

Would you consider yourself an Artist?

“Not exactly, I don’t stand out. I just do things my own way with my own style not that stands out. Even if I wasn’t the one who made the mesh in 3Dmax, there is still a part of me in it when it comes to the texture”

What are your likes and dislikes about creating?

“Okay my likes are as follows, the fact you can create anything you want and change everything, the creativeness and the fact Mesh makers exist and we can design our shape through their meshes (That’s a big bonus). My dislikes are also as follows; the thieves, who want to take our products for their own, stealing textures or even getting your idea, copying your style. When you have billions of ideas for a product people do tend to repeat stuff too much.”

What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

“Never give up, it may be hard at the beginning, but with time you can be just as good as the great developers…the more you practice, the better you get…If someone comes to ask you help, do not deny them help. It’s always good to have someone who can support us. If you need more inspiration, easy, just check clothes in reality. Take some inspiration from it and push on.”

Now for a game of Would you rather?
Would you rather live for 100 years or 1000 years?


Would you rather have the ability to read minds and not be able to speak or be the ability to just read?

“That’s a tricky question, but I’d prefer just to read books and magazines. So having the ability to just read”

Would you rather give bad advice or take back advice?

“I don’t know!!! Probably receive the bad advice!!”



Also for those of you who love the Bohemian, Hipster looking outfits like I do please shop MUN. (Click her username)


I would like to give a special thanks to xxHotxFeebzxx and Hauntless for helping me with this post, if not for this this would’ve taken longer than expected. I am eternally grateful for their help.




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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