All in a day’s work…


Hi beautiful people of IMVU, So I was working with xxHotxFeebzxx (Cosmin), he is a model and a model competition owner, we were talking and we ended up editing he was so kind that she taught me how to edit IMVU avatars! I have to admit it has been a challenge of mine for quite some time. I was never perfect at it, YouTube videos do NOT do it justice. at all. YouTube videos are more for the advanced class.

I watched him on and I took notes on how he was working on this! So, so SO helpful and this is my first one!!!! I think it needs work, there are little issues here and there but you’ve got to admit, it’s pretty good for my first time, especially since I did this with my mouse and no tablet – Ain’t nobody got money for that – I love how it turned out. Soon enough I might be good at this, who knows.

Also I’m so happy about another thing, a member of IMVU, lEille, sent an email. She told  me how much the blog – I am Jeau – is helping her and I am just happy. Flat out happy. I’m on cloud ten! So if any of you are reading this blog or even paying the slightest bit of attention to it, thank you! Thank you so much. I know at a point I wanted to give up on the blog because I felt like it was too much but then I realized I was in charge of the blog and I can post what I want when I want ( but there is a thin line on “what I want.” ).  

Moving on! If you want to learn how to edit xxHotxFeebzxx is giving tutorials you can inbox him on IMVU or send him a private chat when he is online, he also does display pictures, very BEAUTIFUL display pictures for those of you seeking it. xxHotxFeebzxx also has a modeling competition which I mentioned earlier, I applied and I want to see all you guys apply as well!

Well that’s all for today loves! More interviews should be coming your way, I’m hoping to get an interview with Toria, which has been confirmed, I am ECSTATIC! Also an interview with Mun is coming up too! This is awesome!

Again thank you to all those who are viewing this blog! I am very appreciative and thankful.

By the way, am I the only one who thought xxHotxFeebzxx was a girl? Anyway apply to his modeling competition on IMVU Here’s the link below: Click here.  If it does not work go to search in the groups and type in:

❤ IMVU’s Next Top Model ❤



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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