Feeling a little… Greek.










Lite note:

Outfits all created by the beautiful Ismeny! You want some Ancient Greek Chic, then I suggest you jump right into shop and take a long hard look, try and most certainly buy – I know I did – her outfits! They are always extremely detailed to the max, beautiful, bold and rich colors, very exuberant. Also for those who love role playing and looking for where to buy lovely outfits, again, visit Ismeny!

That being said, any one who’s watched Spartacus must know who these three lovely ladies are. I was “Feeling a little…Greek” today, probably because  I had Greek yogurt this morning… might have had something to do with it.. psht! Yeah…

Anyway I hope you like it! If you’ve got any comments then go ahead and comment. Negative criticism should be kept in your minds, let only the good out! I’m all for good criticism always!




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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