I feel like… things are just going and I’m forced to go along with it. As if I have no self control… which is a bit weird for me.

Anyway. I got to see Divergent! I fell in love with the movie that I read Insurgent (525 pages) in TEN HOURS! I don’t think I’ve read that fast before…ever. Now I’m reading Allegiant. I won’t give anything away because that wouldn’t be cool, but you have got to read the books and watch the movie, trust me, you will appreciate it a whole lot more!

My imvu images are coming back! Thank you lord! Before if I logged out and then logged back in, nothing would work and obviously I would get immensely frustrated at my laptop because I’m thinking “WTF?!”

Er, I feel like I am forgetting something… Oh well, it will probably creep back on me soon. OH YEAH, School, gotta talk about school. I have two tests on the same day for Biology and Chemistry not to mention a quiz tomorrow that I have not studied for yet because I’m so glued to the trilogy of Veronica Roth’s book! Ugh! Frustrated to the max here… actually, no, not really. I’m just exaggerating. I don’t even get frustrated, its so rare for me. I’m such a chill and go-with-the-flow type gal (But I like to control my own flow). So yes, that pretty much sums up that. I don’t want to talk about my job until I know what’s going on for sure, things are a bit rocky to say the least… so yeah… if it doesn’t pan out then oh well at least I stuck it out, I mean so many people have quit before and after I came. We will see.

Carpe Diem!


P.S my Photoshop is going into this stage I like to call “Photospasm” Where shit won’t work, it will just blink a Ga-jillion tiles before it shuts off! I mean what the FLABBERGASTED! I know… you thought I was going to swear… pshht! Who do you think I am?

No I’m kidding, I’m no saint.

Okay this is turning into a long P.S note so… Bye!


Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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