Spring trends for 2014

How long has it been Profashionistas? Pretty long if you ask me. I’ve been so busy with Sedulity (fashion group site on IMVU), school, work and other things that has to do with school. Which isn’t so bad, just a lot of work. Anyway. I’ve been meaning to post this for sometime, finding the outfits were a pain, some of them I can link out and others I can’t. So hopefully you take the inspiration and be creative.

Pretty Pastel


Yes, Pastel for spring is here to stay… for the time being. The best thing about the pastel trend is that you can pick your most-flattering color and wear it with whatever silhouette flatters (and excites) you. From a minty-green skirts to duo colored pastel pink and lilac, you can even make it look grungy or cute. I went with cute. The sky’s the limit on how pastel-happy you want to get. These lovely outfits are by Theory.

Crop tops


Cute little tops, to show off a bit of those female abs you’ve been working on through out the winter, “Ain’t no shame, ladies do your thing!” (Elliot) You can rock crop tops with denims, formal pants, flirty skirts or even tea skirts, its a cute silhouette to wear this spring and its probably coming into your summer, who knows.

Graphic Bombers


The sporty layering pieces get edgier for spring with adventurous colorful prints, and sporty-cool detailing, just like its cousin, the moto jacket, the bomber is ultra versatile to temper the girliness of a dress or complement the athletic chicness of an outfit. These bombers are by Trini.

Tea ‘n’ Tux



Tea skirts, so elegant, flowing and beautiful. The ladylike hemline can be just as modern as a mini skirt with the flare; pair it with a cropped top to offset the length (and make you look taller!). Of course, you could also get the look with a breezy tea-length dress, but keep it modern and sexy by baring some arm (and maybe a little shoulder). Now the Tux, there has to be a line between girly and professional, a place where the two can meet and say Hi while walking side by side. This is it. The tuxedo pants are modern, chic and professional for this spring. It has sort of a sporty edge to it. In this outfit it is paired with a black and white blazer. You can’t go wrong in black and white, simple as that.

Keeping it warm


The crew necks, or any other sweaters for that matter are in for spring. It’s nicer to have them play with graphics and words than to leave them bare. These crew necks are from Nobody (except for the middle one).Whether it’s boldly printed or inventively cut, the seasonal sweater is an easy-chic piece to pair with tailored pants, flirty skirts, and blouse-y shorts—or to just throw on over a light dress.



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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