Bright & Chic

Hello my lovely and beautiful Profashionistas! I have missed you all so much! I haven’t been posting like crazy because of my busy status in the IMV-Universe as well as school. (But school is always busy)

So I woke up this morning and I felt so happy and I decided to shoot all that light and happiness into fashion! I am a big geek chic fan and chic in general. It’s my signature look in whatever theme or outfit I put together. Some of the items on this outfit came from my wardrobe, because I couldn’t find duplicates of these anywhere else (Believe me, I tried).  These are three cute outfits I put together, and yes, they all will have some links to some of the items on it:

Someone say SWEATERIFIC?!


Denims & Christmas by Nobody

Sixteen ways by irrelevant

Bird Necklace by lllAdrianalll

Okay let me just say, I did not see this outfit coming. I started off with the cute ankle boots by irrelevant. Initially I was thinking winter and then it kind of changed form and became this chic, everyday outfit. I am head over freaking heels for the sweater, just UGH!! so much love for it.

Oh la la! CRISP WHITE!


Crispy white by CrystalWhips

Jean skirt by vialov

Kirsty by Cleo

For this outfit, what I failed to show in the pose is the skirt, it has an upside down V cut on the bottom of it, you can sort of see the lines of the V cut but not so much, so I advice you try it out before you buy it. I absolutely love the jean skirt because you can’t really find a good solid jean skirt on IMVU and this one is the best I’ve ever found. Hands down. If any of you profashionistas have an idea of who makes the best jean skirts on IMVU, just remember that I am all ears! Inbox me: Jeau@IMVU



Bow by stycouture

Pleated White Skirt by Pierce

Slanted – Pink by ElectriqKiss

Seeing stars by Coochie

Gah! I love this outfit. Pink is not my favorite color but when worn its just so adorable and girl like. For those who like girly chic, this outfit might be for you. The hair bow was just a little touch of extra cuteness! My favorite part is the ripped sweater, absolutely lovin’ it. As for the accessories I did not link those, how ever you can get creative and use silver jewelry or pink jewelry mixed with a bit of silver. You can also use gold, but then you may have to switch the skirt if you want to keep to color or you can keep the skirt.

I hope these outfits are some form of inspiration and something to make you smile. If you’ve been inspired by this or have something to add or you want something to be posted that you think I can do. Inbox me at: Jeau@IMVU.

I will always and forever look through my inbox, its connected to my cellphone so… I will always see it no doubt and I will reply always.



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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