New beginnings

So, I decided to put modeling on pause. I love fashion and all the aspects of it but modelling just got too boring. I mean, it’s not really modelling if you think about it. My two top reasons are these:

Reason one: 

Models have to pick out their own outfits. Uh no… that should be a stylists job but then again stylists don’t do anything.


Reason two:

Models edit their own pictures. There should be editors for that and not just in magazines but in all modeling industries as well.

I wish there can be a solid agency that does all of the things models on IMVU should not have to do. They are called models, the only thing they should be doing is staying updated and know how to model by working their angles. There are way to much agencies depending on models to do all the work and get a skinny change for a prize.  It should not be called the model industries/companies more like, the fashion and editing industries, because they truly do expect us to do it all. Which, again, is not fair. Models on IMVU, whether they will agree or not, all have to work their asses to get to a certain level of acceptance from the IMVU modeling industries. The messed up part is that when they get their, it changes again.


I, for one, am done. I used to love modeling for agencies but its become so much of a hassle that it’s no longer fun. It’s turn into a job outside reality and I’m not interested in a third job. Now I think I’m going to try something different like reality TV on IMVU and continue blogging and helping out friends with their agencies and what not. I’ll do all that, I just won’t be a model like I used to any longer. Too much of my time has been dedicated to it, three years worth actually. And in the saying of Sweet Brown, “Ain’t no body got time for that!”



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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