Minimalist|Chic Fashion (How to)

When you think of a Minimalism in fashion, think; “less is more”.  Most people find this logic and reasoning difficult to grasp because all sorts of advertisements lead us to believe that “more is less” (In terms of buying).  According to Courtney from TBF; “A minimalist’s wardrobe is the kind of wisdom your chic grandmother would give you,” which is totally agreeable. A minimalist wardrobe is great for most people, why, you ask? Simply because it does the Three S’s: Saves Money (or credits), Saves Time, Saves Space!

Want to start your own minimalist (Chic) wardrobe, here are some helpful tips:

  • Get/Find more accessories: Accessories like scarves, belts, hats. These help you save money and also spruce up your wardrobe. You would be amazed at what a bright scarf can do to your outfit.scarfs
  • Solids: Solid colors make mixing and matching very easy. You will probably not be able to do it as easy or fast with plaid or prints. The more solid colors you have the more likely you  can creatively put together new outfits without having to take a trip down to shop/mall.
  • Only keep what you need:  It’s simple enough. If you don’t need it or never wore it since your prom or the 1980’s, donate it to charity. You’ll feel good afterwards.

Here are a couple fashion items you can get for yourself or if you already have them, use them!

  • Blazers: It’s nothing but classic! Blazers are probably always in style and it goes well with any plain solid top or t-shirt. Why risk buying prints and funny looking shirts when eventually they’ll become outdated?  Once you wear a blazer it screams “Take-me-seriously” It is a core, ready-to-go, business look.


  • Simple fashion forward sweaters: Simple is a key word here. Remember, less is more. Get sweaters with little to no graphics or prints on them, simple and plain yet fashionable.

long sweaters

  • Shirts/ Layering: It’s like a blank canvas! You can dress it up with a nice long necklace if it’s a U-neck or a short necklace if it’s a V-neck. You can even throw on a blazer along with a scarf or dress it down with nice simple denim and your favorite shirt. This is where layering clothing takes place! Be creative!


  • Shoes: cap-toe heels, boots (fashion forward and for the weather), flats (black or red) are lovely and chic; you can also throw in a little pizzazz and go with some high (not too high) heels. For comfort you can relax in flats of your choice, preferably black since it goes with anything.


  • Dresses: Simple dresses like wrap dresses or short sleeves/no sleeves, are dresses that can be worn for a minimalistic look. It’s easy to slip on and easy to take off. You can have them in bright colors like pink and a vibrant blue or dark colors like black.  You can add on a simple bracelet/necklace (optional)


  • Trench coats: They just simply will not go out of style!


I am a big fan for being Chic and minimalistic, most of my fashion in reality and in the IMVU community is based off it. I was first inspired by minimalism in fashion, from watching Coco Chanel! (Must see) Coco’s fashion was simple with a touch of masculinity which I like because it makes for a fierce outfit. With these helpful hints and advises on how to style your new Minimalist wardrobe go ahead and have fun with it!

No stealing of the images please.



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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