Exams! Jesus take the wheel!

Couple of days ago I started reading on my exams, most especially math. Why? because that subject has it out for me! I’m literally on the edge! So I have to become Einstein on crack to be able to get a ridiculously amazing grade in this course.  On the first day of studying for math I felt like this in the morning:



I was just not in the mood at all. I finally get the strength and stamina to open up my review and… BLANK.


HA! Naht tuh-day!

Nada… nothing…nichts! I didn’t understand shit! I got so pissed I slept and left it for the next day. Ever since then I’ve been going crazy. in fact I’ve been going LOCO! My mother opens the door and I give her this cocaine, heroine, meth head detox look. She got so scared she slowly backed out. I don’t get disturbed when shit like this is going down. Then my friend calls telling me he’s good and ready to go for the exam. He only read for 4 hours.


Really? really bitch?

I was so done with exams then and there and this has only been the third day of studying. Now this is my final day and exams are tomorrow. They begin tomorrow. Jesus take the wheel! For real, I can’t do this on my own. Every fiber, muscle and nerve of my being wants me to do this on my exam:


and hope I pass. HA NOT! If I could that would be a freaking miracle! But I’m guessing that person in this GIF had absolutely nothing to loose in high school… or gain for that matter. I even started playing gospel music. I always do this during exams, it’s hilarious sometimes but I take it super seriously and I watch comedy movies and vines just to get rid of the stress.


So tomorrow. I’m bringing my A-game! Hopefully I studied enough but if I see one thing that shouldn’t be on the freaking exam,

I’ll shoot my asshole of a teacher. Metaphorically speaking of course.



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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