How to deal with crushes.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Elle, A beautiful young gem she was and Cupid saw this too. Although Elle never really thought of having a crush or someone she liked or even loved and Cupid saw this too. He was sad that someone as beautiful, inside and out, as Elle would live and pass away and no one would get to cherish her. Cupid decided to take a stand! He grabbed his heart shaped arrows and headed out to find her the perfect guy!  Luckily for Cupid he didn’t have to work so hard, because the perfect guy had already seen Elle! But Elle hadn’t seen him. Contrary to popular belief this handsome gent, named Seth, was not a nerd or a loner or a creep. As a matter of fact he was a well chiseled, popular, football and basketball hunk! He wondered “Why doesn’t she notice me?” As she passed right by him in school every day. Their lockers are two lockers away from each other and they are in the same biology, french, and chemistry class. Yet they had no chemistry what so ever. Knowing this Cupid decided to help him and others like him. Cupid shot Elle with his arrow but it didn’t work, the arrow had no effect on little Elle. It was a rare case but for Seth and Elle to be together, Cupid had to do things manually. If you are in a situation like this, here are some helpful tips.

  • Be positive: Most girls/guys like guys/girls who can have a happy attitude.
  • There’s work to be done: If you look like a hot mess, he/she won’t approach you, it’s not rude, just stating the obvious. You want him/her, you have to work for him/her, but that doesn’t mean you should obsess over looking a certain way for him/her or starving your self or anything. LOVE YOURSELF, SCREW HIM/HER if that’s what they want.
  • Communicate is key: It may feel awkward at first, get over it. When your crush realizes you’re being friendly he/she will want to talk. No matter how dumb or embarrassed or shy you are, the first step is always communicating with your crush. It’s the only way you’ll get to know him or her. Unless you’re a stalker… Talk about something you think you’re both interested in. Do not bring up a topic you know nothing about! It makes you look dumb.  After you can actually talk comfortably to him/her, they’re going to get used to talking to you.
  • Use body language: If you’re a girl talking to a guy, licking your lips supposedly reminds them of kissing. Don’t do this too much or they’re going to think you are badly in need of a chap stick. Playing with your hair a little bit might be a good thing too, but go easy on this one. Now, if you’re a guy talking to a girl: make eye contact. Don’t stare her down, but don’t feel embarrassed. Girls really like it when guys give them a little ‘spark’ by looking at them. For both guys and girls, smile. Sad people look like they don’t want to be bothered. Smile when the person looks at you. Smile when you talk. And it doesn’t have to be a huge, great grin, it just has to be ‘a little something’.
  • Drop hints: You can drop subtle hints like inviting to an event of some sort, nothing fancy;  Once you get confidence, you can hint something like, “Hey, me, so-and-so, whatshisname, whatshername, and a couple other people are going to watch a movie this weekend. Wanna come?” Make sure your tone of voice sounds more fun than disappointed when you ask. You want to entice them not lead them to the wrong answer.  Perhaps after a few of this outings, it won’t be so bad asking them on a real ‘date’.
  • Be original on your dates. It’s a no brainer. No one wants a boring date.
  • Be ready to accept rejection: The worst thing that can happen is that your crush says no. Either nicely or rudely.
  • If it gets out of hand, you can just remain friends.




Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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