Hypocrite say what?

What are hypocrites? They are people who indulge themselves in the same behaviors that they condemn others on.  That’s the dictionary definition. I don’t like hypocrites, I don’t think anyone does. I try not to be hypocritical but I’m not perfect but at least I try! For instance you tell me to stop dancing in my underwear because it is embarrassing and stupid and then you decide to do it because you think its fun! I mean, WTF?! (That was just an example.) Apparently there are four types of hypocrites that I can’t get into explaining but I’m sure you all understand; The poseur, the pusher, the preventer and the preoccupied. Here’s another example:


I experienced a very hypocritical moment from one of my relations. I helped him fix his iPhone screen that cracked. Not many people get that fixed, once it’s cracked it’s cracked for good, but I was helpful and kind and I did it out of a good heart and maybe because I wanted him to be a bit more grateful as well. After I paid a hefty amount from my savings to help with his phone so that his parents don’t have to, he was nice to me… for five minutes. Then  his entire mood changed. I have never seen a guy be so attached to their phone. It was a like his third arm or something. I found it very hypocritical and two faced of him to do that to me.

If you’ve got a hypocritical nature, you need to stop it. It’s not pleasant and one day you will learn from your stupid mistakes and that will be the day that you will regret because no one will tell you nicely. They’ll just flat out call you what you are and even throw in some mean words to boot.


Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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