Time spent.

It’s been weird after the break and into the new years. I couldn’t quite shake off the stay home feeling. I mean I only went to school twice this week. I mean for two days we had cold bitter days in Canada. So I couldn’t go to school, obviously. But then the last couple of days I went on the 8th and then the 10th and I missed Thursday. Which sucks.

Part of my new years resolution was to be early to school and to go to school even when I’m massively busy. I have to go to school I just have to. Anyway.

I’ve been trying to find a family to join on IMVU, hasn’t been panning out for me lately. On the plus side, kids have been finding me like crazy. I just want to join a family, how come its so damn hard?


Also, I won’t be posting massively long articles anymore, well not anymore, but not as frequently. I will be posting smaller notes and update and stuff. It’s easier to read and more fun! I love blogging and typing and writing so I guess I take it too far LOL.

I took summer school English so I won;t be writing essays for a long ass time which sucks. Until college. Then I’ll start essays.



Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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