Those kids….

We’ve all had our fair share of family hopping kids, and then we get lucky and hit the jackpot.
We find a kid that’s loving and kind and stable for the most part, and others find kids that are a bit loco, but they are still compatible. Now if you are like me, you tend to give your all to the kids from the jump. For example, sending them gifts, making rooms for them, if they beg, you’d think it’s a one time thing. Well it’s not. Eventually they move on when they don’t get what they want, and you’ve pretty much lost all your credits on an ingrate. They find new families and repeat the same process.

What deceives us?
Sometimes we let the cuteness of the kids deceive us
into thinking they are loyal and stable when really they are not.
Do not judge a book by its cover. Also don’t assume that because
they are “Guests” or “noobs” that they cannot be loyal either or disloyal.

To the KIDS:
Most of you assume that because parents who look well dressed or pretty that they are rich.
WRONG! Some of them are not. Again stop judging a book by its cover. Be open minided!
What is your deal? Why do things like this? use people to fulfill your selfish desires and wants. It’s not nice at all. We use actual cash to get these credits, they don’t just fall from virtual trees and land on our accounts. It does not work that way. You should not use people like that. All parents want from you is a good relationship and they’d gift you out of the willingness of their hearts eventually.

For those who don’t family hop, good for you! Keep it up! Enjoy your family and appreciate them, because they appreciate you too. Those who are still family hopping and being massive hypocrites about it, you need to STAHP IT!
Here are some helpful tips to guide you into finding the right family:

Simple stuff! Starting with one word: TRIALS!
(These trials should be… no… must be one to two weeks long.)

Know, learn and connect with them.

Don’t gift during trials.

Make sure your own family has approved this child.
(I know it’s a bit of a stretch but sometimes your other family members
can be right when they don’t think someone is a good fit for the family.)


Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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