Beauty that turns him off.

For those who think men do not notice the little things we do to make ourselves look ‘pretty’ well they do. As a matter of fact some of the things we do can be such a turn off for guys. Some guys love girls with long hair, others go gaga for no makeup type girls and some just like the simple chic things, like red lipstick. Here are some beauty tricks that most females use that just turn men off:

Some common dislikes by the males are girls who just love to load on the foundation. It’s not pretty I get it, you want to cover those little insecurities on the face, but you don’t need a bottle of concealer/foundation to do so. Truth: You only need to apply your concealer on spots you need to conceal! Not your entire face! Then you set your concealer by brushing it out and finally apply some foundation but not too much that it overpowers the face.

Another is the super Smokey and dark eye shadow; there is no need for it. For men, it’s just not pleasant. It scares them away! They want to be able to see your eyes, not fight to see it by squinting. To them it is not attractive, but it does give a sense of mystery but there are other ways to be mysterious than a smokey eye.
Truth: Just a simple eyeliner right above the eyelashes does the trick. Nothing more.

The perfume is just too much! Most guys like a girls natural scent (whatever that is.) Or, you can spray a little perfume. I prefer applying perfume behind my ears, on my wrists and the sides of my body and on most days I put on antiperspirant rather than deodorant. Not all deodorants are good so just stick to antiperspirantsTruth: Never apply perfume more than once a day, if you want to be attractive and if you desire to be a real lady. Your gentleman will appreciate your efforts when you know the right measure.

FALSE ADVERTISING! Ladies, we all know of this and lets be honest, some of us have been in that area once or twice or even permanently. From fake eyelashes to fake tans and well fake…everything. I’m African so most of the time I have braids in my hair which pretty much helps my hair grow and protects it from the cold. I don’t and will never wear a weave, I only wore weaves twice in my 18 years of living and every time I wear them I want to rip out my scalp off my head from all the itching.I guess I’ve got a sensitive head. Truth: Weaves and all the other fake things can be nice to look at but when guys want to go in for that kiss or hug, they don’t want to feel bumps on your head, or be blinded by the long eyelashes and many more. Be natural. Think of the Cover Girls slogan: Easy, breezy, beautiful

These are just a couple of beauty turn offs for guys. There’s probably more. The basic tip is that guys  like girls who keep it natural who don’t look like plastic. Embrace your natural side! If it helps find a celebrity that you think knows how to rock the clean chic look, for me I have a few but my favorite is Janelle Monae. Also guys won’t really tell you what they like or not, it’s up to you to figure it out.


Let me know your thoughts or issues you want me to shed light on!

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